WordPress Peace of Mind: Save Your Brain Cells for the Work You Love Instead

It’s time. Let’s set up some basic automatic protections for your website against hackers, malware, computer failures, and other catastrophes on WordPress…hands-on, together, done.


It’s an unfortunate reality that the online world is subject to seemingly never-ending attempts to infiltrate and take advantage of your website and your information. I lived in denial about this for many years until one of my websites was compromised and I had to spend hundreds of dollars to get it back online. Nowadays, I take it seriously and have developed a suite of tools, tips, and tricks to keep my sites safe almost effortlessly.

For you to keep:

  • The video or recording of our session together, so you can refer back to it anytime
  • Regular update emails from your website so you can be assured all is well
  • Automatic backups of your website saved offsite (set it and forget it)
  • Security How-to and WTF Guide (PDF)
  • Access to my regular clients-only Office Hours online (Zoom) chats to ask questions and get answers

Suggested prerequisites:

You only need to have a website running on a self-hosted WordPress platform (NOTE: not appropriate for  free/cloud WordPress.com sites)

The Details

Your session is one-on-one via Zoom and is tailored to your unique situation. Questions? Email me any time.
Time:  One Hour
Cost:  $75.00