Let's Work

Are you doing the work you KNOW you were meant to do? I can help you grow a business you adore, and stay healthy and sane in the process.

I work with thoughtful, compassionate self-employed people who want to do great work, but don’t want all the noise, icky tactics, and stress that comes with most mainstream business growth advice.

Because everyone is coming from different starting point (and budget), I offer several different kinds of help to my hard-working clients. Use them singly or in tandem to quickly ratchet up the effectiveness, joy, and reach of your thoughtful work in the world:

Joyful Productivity: NOT an Oxymoron

Not getting traction with your business, no matter how hard you try? These coaching sessions are designed to provide 1-to-1, hands-on implementation of tools, strategies, and methods that will change your working life forever, opening up a whole new world of joyful efficiency and peace of mind in your work.

Upcoming Workshops for 2019-2020

I’ll be offering a variety of workshops in 2019 on topics from using Facebook sanely for marketing, to online courses, effortless content creation, video for the video-averse, and lots more. These bite-sized, inexpensive classes are perfect for moving you ahead in a safe and friendly group environment.

Let’s talk. It’ll be fun.

I offer a friendly, free 30-minute consultation to learn more about you, help you get a feel for my style and worldview, and see if there’s something here that fits your current needs and desires for your work. No pressure, no clever sales pitch, just a half-hour spent with a kindred spirit. Sound good?