Margaret Rode by Katy Moses Photography


–Kahlil Gibran

Know who "your people" are. Get clear on what they need most. Make unbreakable connections with them. Learn how, and change your work forever>>

Get clear, get confident, get your joy back.
Because we need you out here.

The world could use a little help. More health, sanity, beauty, balance, prosperity, and meaning. Luckily, there’s a growing wave of compassionate people building their own livelihoods, allowing them to reach out and create more of those things while gaining freedom and self-determination. Good people using their unique gifts and skills to create something amazing.

Good people just like you.

Though it’s a beautiful road, I can’t say it’s the easiest road. Working for ourselves requires resilience, energy, patience, and the right help at the right time.

Because, in my experience, some weeks are darned bumpy. It’s hard to know the right things to do to build our businesses without smarmy marketing tactics. Hard to decide what to learn and what to outsource. Hard to know what to share. Hard to structure our days/lives so we keep it together and make steady progress.

That’s why I do what I do. I help thoughtful people bring together their work, life, and wishes for the world in an authentic way. I help them stay sane and healthy, build skills & confidence in their abilities, and create a prosperous business that matters.

I can help if:

  • You’re starting a new venture and want to be authentic and honest from the get-go
  • You’re reshaping an existing business or practice to more closely align with your values
  • You want the online “face” of your business (websites, social media) to be effective and aligned with your values
  • You’re having trouble maintaining balance, health, and sanity as you grow your business
  • You’re experiencing a case of the “am I doing this wrong?” blues
  • You’re wishing you could gain specific skills that help save money, brain cells, and time…one-on-one, not in front of an audience
  • You’re writing a book and need help visioning, staying focused, staying inspired

…and so much more. Think of me as part friend, part cheerleader, part wise counselor, and part left-brain strategist, all bundled into one.

Here are some ways I do that:

Bite Sized Learning Sessions to Grow Your Business

You know those times when you want to learn a skill but don’t want to get lost in a webinar, or dig through the web trying to learn what you need? These are one-hour individual training sessions for busy people who want something that’s individual, friendly, and even fun. Website skills, marketing skills, blogging, branding…We can even build one just for you, customized to your unique needs!

Customized, Individual Coaching Sessions

I help busy people get clear about topics from honest marketing to brand storytelling to maintaining your sanity as a solo business owner. These are intensely-focused coaching sessions tailored to your situation, needs, and goals (no one-size-fits-all here).

Friendly, Compassionate Website/Social Media Help

Many kinds of support in brainstorming, designing, building, maintaining, and fixing your presence on your own website(s) and social media channels. Done-for-you or do-it-yourself, I can help.

Shall we talk?

I offer a friendly, free 30-minute consultation by phone, Skype or Zoom to learn more about one another and to see how I might help. No pressure, no clever sales pitch, just a half-hour spent with a kindred spirit. Sound good?