Me, you, and why we're both here

People visit a website’s “About” page for different reasons.

Some are just curious: Who IS this person at the other end of these emails? Others want to know about us: Whether we seem warm or (conversely) seem salesy, how much we know about our field, or why/how we’re qualified to be someone they should listen to.

But most just want to know whether this stranger talking to them is someone they can resonate with. Is this someone with a good heart and a good spirit? Could I be that someone who finally “gets” them?

Whatever your reason, I’m glad you’re here. Hi.

I’m Margaret Rode, and I love working with self-employed people who want to do work that matters to the world. I live in the mountains of Western North Carolina with my husband and my strange little dog Gordon.

I am a coach, consultant, and tech sherpa, helping good people read and navigate the beautiful—but sometimes confusing—world of creating purposeful work, and letting the world know about it.

I chose this path after decades of fast-food lunches, endless team meetings, casual Fridays, and electronically generated paychecks. I spent time working at Apple Computer and several other large corporations, where I met many beautiful human beings and learned a lot. I don’t regret those years for a moment. But like many of you, I left that life because of an idea that grabbed me and wouldn’t let go:

What if my true vocation was to help people who want to do the work they love, or at least love the work they do? People who use their gifts and skills to create some good in the world, to do work that truly makes a difference? And was it true, as Simon Sinek says, that “…when we row another person across the river, we get to the other side ourselves“? My gut said yes.

So for close to 25 years, I’ve been helping people who work for themselves—and their businesses—stay smart, sane, healthy, self-sufficient, and profitable. To do that, I offer low-stress and affordable coaching, guidance, and workshops, along with a lot of free material and counsel through my blog and social media. Together, we find a way to blend meaningful work and earning an income and end up with something beautiful and powerful.

Over and over, I see my clients becoming more than just a beacon of light for the clients they serve; I see them becoming builders of beacons. Their compassion spreads like a virus, passing from person to person, dialing up the light in a darkening world. And that makes me very, very happy.


So if you are—or want to be—self-employed, an entrepreneur, or the owner of a business that offers something needed and good to the world, I’d love to meet you and see if I can help.

I also like to just have nice conversations with kindred spirits. If you’re so moved, please drop me a note to request a free, friendly, no-icky-sales-pitch conversation using the button below.

Shall we talk?

I offer a friendly, free 30-minute conversation by phone, Skype or Zoom so we can learn a bit more about one another and see how I might help. No pressure, no clever sales pitch, just a half-hour spent with a kindred spirit. Sound good?