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Whether it's just a single, friendly session, or a series designed to help your business blossom anew, coaching will energize and elevate your work in the world.

Customized One-to-One Coaching for Thoughtful, Authentic Businesses

Because it’s not “one size fits all.”

As we go through the grand adventure of growing a business with heart and purpose, from time to time we need to sit with someone who can help us see the forest AND the trees. Whether it has to do with growing your business, fine-tuning your work in the world, or simply staying sane & balanced while doing it, I’m here to help.

The help you need is just a quick email away.

In the brilliant tapestry of our chosen work, we can sometimes start to fray a bit. There are so many possible choices, so many possible directions, and so much conflicting advice, it can be hard to know where to turn. I can provide gentle, expert guidance (and relief!) in areas such as:

  • Identifying and attracting more of the ideal client(s) that will light up your day and your life…and fewer of the ones who don’t
  • Deciding how to best serve these clients by developing the right menu of services, products, and free resources/content
  • Cultivating honest, authentic ways to promote your work that avoids the tiring in-your-face sales pitch in favor of building solid, mutually-beneficial relationships
  • Taking steps to painlessly build a clear and coherent online presence for your work, such as your website and social media
  • Unearthing and sharing your story, the unique fingerprint that’s at the root of everything else you do with your work
  • Figuring out ways to streamline the running of your business, creating more time for the part of your work that feeds you
  • Caring for the beautiful organic machine that you are, in order to keep doing what you do without burning out

…And much more. This is about your life and your work—so you get to create our agenda.

“Margaret is a natural: Intuitive, warm, encouraging, with a great sense of humor and a sense of the miraculous.”

Fiona Moorefionamoore.com

Tell me about these sessions.

I offer private, designed-for-you 60-minute coaching sessions via Zoom. It can be a single session that helps you clarify an issue that’s blocking your way, or multiple sessions to finally unwind something that’s more complicated—it’s all up to you.

Why would this be good for me?

For many years, I was hesitant to accept anything that had the label “coaching.” Not only did it sound very one-way to me—right, here’s some wizened guru who’s going to dispense wisdom on demand and tell me what to do—but I was still convinced that I was perfectly capable of figuring things out myself. Sigh. I believe that everyone can save time, money and life-energy with some well-placed sessions with a coach that fits your style.

It seems everybody’s a coach these days. Why you?

With more than 20 years of experience counseling self-employed people of all kinds, I can take you to a field of possibilities that’s both broad and deep. And with a happily balanced brain that’s compassionate, creative AND logical, I can see unique solutions that others overlook. I’ll help you ditch the self-judgment and bring your instincts, your dreams, and your ideas together to create a new path for yourself.

What’s the next step?

Sign up for a free consultation – with no icky sales pitch and zero obligation – to discuss any questions you might have, and to determine whether you think we’re a good fit for one another:

Choose or Create the Coaching Program that Works Perfectly for You

One session or a dozen, help with a specific area of your life or just freeform to roll with wherever you find yourself—create a custom coaching experience that works for you.

Single Coaching Sessions: No Pressure, All Relief

If you’re new to coaching, aren’t 100% sure where you want to go, or just want to try out a session to see how it feels, booking a single session can give you a great taste of how this might work for you.

You’d be surprised what we can unravel in an hour. We’ll talk through the places where you might feel stuck or uncomfortable or ineffective, or simply talk about your vision of how you’d like your work to be unfolding, and how you can take bite-sized, concrete actions that will start to nudge your life back in the right direction.

Single sessions are just $90.00 and are held on Zoom. If you’d like to record our brainstorming, I will do so and send you both the video/screenshare (if used) and audio files to revisit.

A Deeper Dive: One-to-One Coaching Bundles for Extended Support

You know yourself, and you know what you need. If regular sessions and accountability are what motivates you best, these one-to-one packages are for you.

We both know that sometimes we feel invincible, and our inner two-year-old says, “I can do it MYSELF!” But other times you’re doing beautiful-but-draining work (product/service creation, rebranding, launches) and could use a regular touch-in with someone who gets you. Sometimes that can make the difference between giving up and getting it done.

I offer two different ways to bundle coaching sessions so they’re most helpful to YOU:

Rekindling Your Fire: Special Six-Session Coaching Bundles or Intensives

Oh, those times when you’ve tried your best and just can’t seem to get where you want to go. Wouldn’t it help to have someone to help you unravel why, and finally make it all fall into place? I’ve been through those times too, and I can help.


Not getting traction in your business yet, though you feel like you should be? So many of us suffer through this without help, convinced we’ll eventually figure it out ourselves. Let’s get up and over this.

6 sessions of action! We’ll map out a plan to put your best foot forward, be sure your words are sparking confidence & trust, bring fresh clients, reconnect with past ones, and make you feel good about it all again.


Is your business feeling kind of…stale? Are you getting the sound of crickets when you share new stuff, send emails, or post anything online? (IF you can bring yourself to post anything…)

6 sessions of identifying what’s going on, mapping out a new direction, and hands-on, guided refreshment of your website and social media to breathe new energy and bring the results you want.


Exhausted? Stressed? Always tired, always behind, or lost passion for your work? We all strive to be joyfully, gainfully productive, but sometimes we find ourselves worn out by the effort of dancing between all of life’s demands.

In these 6 sessions, we’ll unravel the causes, unwind the tension, and find easy, energizing ways to reshape what you’re doing and how you’re doing it.


Does the work you’re doing not thrill you like it used to? We all start with the best intentions, but sometimes we discover that the path we chose just doesn’t feel right anymore.

In these 6 sessions, let’s talk about how to deal with the disconnect (continuing on the path you’re on), other paths that are calling to you, and how you might build a bridge between what IS and what COULD BE.

The details:

  • Six fun, laser-focused 60-minute one-to-one sessions with me OR a one-hour intensive overview & visioning session
  • Email me or drop into my twice-weekly free Office Hours on Zoom for questions, brainstorming, etc.
  • Hands-on help wherever you need it, via screenshare
  • Optional recording of our sessions, to help capture the great ideas you may have on-the-fly
  • Cost: Just $480 for a package of six sessions

I take on just a few clients at a time, to be sure everyone has an amazing experience.

. . . OR Build-Your-Own Customized Coaching Bundles

Let’s design something just for you. YOUR situation, YOUR dilemma, YOUR new dream. Start with a Free Consultation and let’s design a series that perfectly fits your desires, availability, timeline, and budget.

Two Sessions Monthly

  • Two 60-minute 1-to-1 sessions with me monthly
  • Ability to email me with quick questions between sessions
  • No contract – sign up for one month or continue on if you wish to (space permitting)
  • Cost: $160/month

Four Sessions Monthly

  • Four one-hour 1-to-1 sessions with me monthly
  • Ability to email me with quick questions between sessions
  • No contract – sign up for one month or continue on if you wish to (space permitting)
  • Cost: $320/month

Build Your Own Package: Six Sessions

  • Six one-hour 1-to-1 sessions with me, to use as you need them (use within one year)
  • Drop into my twice-weekly free Office Hours on Zoom
  • Cost: $480 for a package of six sessions

Build Your Own Package: Twelve Sessions

  • Twelve one-hour 1-to-1 sessions with me, to use as you need them (use within one year)
  • Drop into my twice-weekly free Office Hours on Zoom
  • Cost: Contact me for pricing and logistics

What’s the next step? Want to learn more?

I work with just a few clients at a time, to be sure everyone has an amazing experience. Sign up for a free, no-icky-sales-pitch consultation to discuss any questions you might have, check on availability, ponder what you feel you need most, and determine whether you think we’re a good fit for one another:

“I love being with your energy and playing with possibility. Thank you.”

Bevin NiemannSensitiveJourney.com