Storytelling for Small Business: A Hands-On Quickstart for Your Website/Social Media

Do you love selling? Pushing your service or product in front of as many audiences as possible and hoping they’ll “bite” – like casting a net to see who you can catch in it? Some people do, but most don’t. In fact, most authentic businesses dislike marketing the way it’s currently done, and your potential clients probably do too.

In the work we do, the people we want to attract to us don’t just want to know we have the credentials to solve their problem—many people might fit that description. They also want to feel something. They want to know we give a damn about something (including them). They want to resonate with our passion for our work, our humanness, and our genuine integrity. They want to know that we’ve taken the time to understand their story.

In this one-on-one coaching hour, 

  • Learn to step into the story of “your people,” the ones you most want to build a relationship with, and learn your role in their story
  • Learn the ten kinds of story tools that are the easiest to begin with, and see examples of effective storytelling at work
  • Dive into your own website and social media channels, where I’ll show you exactly where and how to start sharing your own story elements

For you to keep:

  • The video or recording of our session together, so you can refer back to it anytime
  • 15-page Story Quickstart Guide (PDF)
  • Access to my regular clients-only Office Hours online (Zoom) chats to ask questions and get answers

Suggested prerequisites:

If you do not yet have your own Facebook or LinkedIn page, you might want to consider the coaching hour “How to set up a basic Facebook business page or LinkedIn profile” so we can explore the awesome power of storytelling on those channels as well (not required, just nice).

The Details

Your session is one-on-one via Zoom and is tailored to your unique situation. Questions? Email me any time.
Time:  One Hour
Cost:  $75.00