Postcards to yourself from Future You: Just goofy enough for me

I had called Kaiser to make a future appointment with dermatology (keeping an eye on that skin cancer stuff) and had been on hold for, literally, a half hour when I started doodling a postcard to me from my Future Me.

She told me it was a great idea I was thinking about taking better care of my body, and finally making some use of that health insurance I pay so much for every month. It was so weird…it really didn’t feel like me. But a little like me. I was “catching it” rather than writing it myself.

I liked the feeling it gave me so much that I now do this as a regular practice.

Future Me is SO much cooler, calmer, healthier, and more prosperous than Current Me, and I want to do whatever it takes to be more like her.

Below are some examples. You could do a similar thing…just sayin’. (I do it on Photoshop and it takes me about a minute to channel what she wants to say and make a postcard for myself…Canva would work too!)




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