No-Stress Facebook for Thoughtful Businesses

Using it powerfully for your business without dealing with all the icky stuff.

Image courtesy of Mediamodifier via Pixabay

For all its faults, Facebook is still an excellent, inexpensive way for businesses and self-employed folks to find their ideal clients. How many other ways are there that allow us to identify, reach, and HELP thousands of your perfect people for less than $30/month?

But knowing what a bitter pill it can be, how can we use it wisely to grow our work/business? How can we be sure our message and offerings are being seen by the right people…without having to deal with privacy intrusions, unwanted messages and requests, possible hackers, and all the rest? And why should we?

In this workshop—which, despite all that, I promise will be fun!—we’ll learn:

  • The right way to set up your personal profile and your business page – you do need both
  • Useful, thoughtful, and compassionate things to share with your audience
  • The right setup steps to best protect your privacy
  • Setting notifications that won’t constantly steal your attention and focus
  • The adjustments to make to avoid unwanted contacts
  • How to keep hackers and other ne’er-do-wells out of your account
  • Handy tools to filter garbage from your Facebook feed so you never even see it
  • Tips and tricks to avoid getting lost down the Facebook-browsing rabbit hole
  • …and lots more

There are so many great uses for Facebook for growing the work you do

Facebook is still a multi-talented tool for those of us who work for ourselves:

  • Promoting our offerings and message to an audience of over 2 billion people
  • Inviting conversation with our ideal audience members
  • Finding new clients, readers, collaborators, and donors using Facebook’s tools
  • Events – publicizing ours and learning about other peoples’
  • Video and imagery
  • Public/private groups
  • Business page sharing and conversations
  • Maps and details for brick-and-mortar businesses
  • A quick online shop

…but there’s the Ick Factor:

  • Personal data privacy questions
  • Unwanted posts and notifications and contacts and private messages and dreck
  • Exposure to criticism, constructive and otherwise
  • Managing conversations and private messages
  • Dealing with the dinging and bonging of notifications
  • Distraction
  • Hackers and other worries

How can we have the good stuff…without all the bad stuff?

Together, we can do this.

I’m Margaret Rode, and for more than 20 years I’ve been a consultant, coach, and tech sherpa serving thoughtful solo practitioners, entrepreneurs, small businesses, and nonprofits.

I offer this training for a very selfish reason: I was a late adopter of Facebook because of all of the above reasons, and as a result I missed out on some beautiful opportunities to promote the work I do. If I can help even one other person slice through the icky stuff to find new clients and connections, I’d consider that an awesome day.

Your investment . . . and how it will grow

This hour-long live session costs just $25.00.

With it you’ll get:

A lively, visual, fun 60-minute session via Zoom (thanks, Buffy!)

Followup Q&A session

A downloadable resource guide that includes:

Step-by-step checklist of the setups and strategies we discuss, so you can implement it easily

Idea guide: Types of engaging content you can begin sharing regularly to attract your ideal people,  as well as where to get it and how to post it

How to stay on Facebook’s good side: What and how to post to maximize organic (unpaid) reach with your business page

Suggestions for crafting simple ads to start getting more reach for the things you share, for as little as $5.00

When we’re through, you’ll be equipped to:

Maximize the benefits of this valuable resource in promoting the work you do

Understand the possibilities of Facebook marketing, and how you can use it to reach very specific audiences that will absolutely love what you have to offer…one new client can pay for this course many times over!

Proceed to more advanced work in creating Facebook ads (resources provided!)

Take the next step toward deepening your rhythm and practice around Facebook, with suggestions for further learning opportunities that will give you Facebook superpowers

Next session:

Thursday, March 28, 2019
9:00am US Pacific / 12:00pm US Eastern / 4:00pm GMT
60 minutes live (recording will be provided if you can’t make it)
Note: Seats are limited to allow maximum personal attention

Cost: Just $25
Via PayPal funds or credit/debit

Join in the fun and take the “ick” out of using Facebook for your business: