Facebook Ads for the Nervous Beginner

Stress-free and fun beginners' guide to the what, when, how, and who of doing your first real ads on Facebook.

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The next session of this workshop will be held on May 7, 2019. All proceeds from these workshop sessions will go to Kiva.org to help people create family-supporting small businesses worldwide.

At last month’s No-Stress Facebook workshop, many folks expressed interest in learning how to do their first Facebook ad without stress or overwhelm, so I’ve scheduled several dates to ensure everyone can make it if they wish.

Want something more personal?
If you’re more interested in a personalized session to begin setting up your own ads, you may be interested in this cool 1:1 session that’s all about you.

Don’t feel quite ready for ads?
Check out the No-Stress Facebook for Thoughtful Businesses workshop, with the next session coming up in June 2019.

Facebook is still an excellent, inexpensive way for businesses and self-employed folks to find their ideal clients. Like it or not, there aren’t very many other ways that allow us to identify, reach, and HELP thousands of your perfect people for less than $30/month.

In this bite-sized workshop, we’ll learn:

  • How to create or select a piece of content that will be more likely to get the results you’re looking for
  • How to visualize the perfect audience member(s) for your post or product, and use that information to target an ad to those most likely to need it
  • How to engage your readers right away, even as your post is whizzing past their eyes on a mobile device
  • The tools provided by Facebook to zero in on “your people” – gender, age, geography, vocation, income, interests, and more
  • A topline of how to read your results, what it all means, and what you can adjust to do even better next time
  • …and lots more

Together, we can do this.

I’m Margaret Rode, and for more than 20 years I’ve been a consultant, coach, and tech sherpa serving thoughtful solo practitioners, entrepreneurs, small businesses, and nonprofits.

I offer this training for a very selfish reason: I was a late adopter of Facebook because of all of the above reasons, and as a result I missed out on some beautiful opportunities to promote the work I do. If I can help even one other person slice through the icky stuff to find new clients and connections, I’d consider that an awesome day.

Your investment

This hour-long live session costs just $25.00.

With it you’ll get:

A lively, visual, fun 60-minute session via Zoom

Followup Q&A sessions

Downloadable resources that include:

Quickstart! A step-by-step checklist of the setups and strategies we discuss, so you can implement it easily

How to stay on Facebook’s good side: What and how to post to maximize organic (unpaid) reach with your business page

Audio and video recordings of the session, to be able to go back and follow along step-by-step

When we’re through, you’ll be equipped to:

Use Facebook to do what it’s best at – reaching out to people

Understand how to craft a piece of content and visualize its audience

Create a boost or ad to reach them, and understand its results

Proceed to even more advanced work in creating Facebook ads (resources provided!)

Note that, due to class size, it may not be possible to help everyone individually during the session. Please see this one-to-one offering if you’d like individualized help with your situation.

Next sessions:

Tuesday, May 7: 12pm Los Angeles / 3pm New York / 8pm London

60 minute live session
Note: Seats are limited to allow maximum personal attention

Cost: Just $25
Via PayPal funds or any major Credit/Debit

All proceeds from these sessions go to Kiva.org to help fund small business loans for female entrepreneurs worldwide.

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