Joyful Productivity
Hands-On Sessions

Private get-it-done sessions to bring calm and happiness back into the art of growing your business

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For a decade, business coach George Kao has been a highly successful, purpose-driven solopreneur doing work that he loves…while still maintaining amazing work-life balance. How on earth does he do it? By practicing the compassionate mindset, routines, tools, practices, and skills he teaches in his groundbreaking book and workshop, Joyful Productivity.

Leaving the well-trodden path of other productivity books, which push us to do more, go faster, cut corners, and sacrifice life balance to rigid formulas & systems, Joyful Productivity teaches us a more natural, mindful, healthy way. George and his hundreds of clients and students are living proof that productivity can indeed be joyful!

These coaching sessions are designed to provide one-to-one, hands-on implementation of the tools, strategies, and methods that will change your working life forever, opening up a whole new world of joyful efficiency and peace of mind.

Who are these sessions for?

If you’ve read the Joyful Productivity book or attended the Joyful Productivity online training, you are already familiar with the principles and have had a chance to practice them with mini-exercises throughout the book and course.

These private sessions are designed for those who’d like a helping hand in taking the principles a step further. If you could benefit from a one-to-one experience of setting up and learning the tools and systems in your own environment (your computer and your life), these are for you.

Choose from the six main sessions below, or we can customize one to cover EXACTLY what you most feel you need to learn right now.

What do they look like?

Enjoy a fun, lively private 60-minute video coaching sessions via Zoom, each a hands-on implementation of a vital section of the Joyful Productivity curriculum. Leave the session with everything in place, and take it from there.

Schedule your session(s) at a time convenient for you.

Receive a full recording of each session (video and/or audio) so you can come back to the step-by-step process at any time.

Email follow-up to check on your progress and answer any questions or challenges that may have arisen.

About Joyful Productivity


Organization for Anybody: Bite-Sized, Painless Ways to Build Systems that Bring Relief

Together, we’ll:

  • Organize information: Perfect filing skills not required
  • Organizing obligations and time: Setting up a calendar system that works for you without stressing you out
  • Set up and configure easy-to-use productivity tools that will save you hours every week

Cultivating Consistency: Become a Steady, Loving Presence and Watch Your Business Grow

Together, we’ll discuss:

  • Making and sticking to a content rhythm
  • Deciding what to share, and where, and how
  • Brainstorming and organizing a list of “firestarters” – content ideas to pick up and run with any time
  • Setting boundaries like Goldilocks: Just right for you

Breathe: Decluttering Your Digital Life for Calm and Productivity

Together, we’ll:

  • Learn how all those windows, emails, files, and folders may be stunting your business success
  • Tame your crazy email hands-on: Let’s give you back the use of those brain cells by setting up email behaviors and automations
  • Make friends with your web browser by creating a bookmark system for resources

Bedrock Foundations:
Personalized Routines for Energy and Clarity

Together, we’ll:

  • Define ‘productivity’ on your terms
  • Examine your current life practices and explore alternatives
  • Design your own “discipline of rest” rhythms
  • Set up a daily review system (and kind reminders)
  • Create your own personalized “resets” to monitor & change your state

Purpose: Creating a “Why” That Carries You Through Each & Every Day

Together, we’ll discuss:

  • Weaving your business and your life’s “body of work” together to transform both
  • Picking six: The who, what, and why of your day…simplified
  • Visualizing the process, not just the outcome
  • Sneaking past procrastination in the name of love

Help at Your Fingertips: Amazing Tools, Automation and Outsourcing

Together, we’ll talk about:

  • Overcoming creative discomfort, isolation & self-doubt
  • Authentic and kind automation: We’ll identify the places where automation can be helping you right now, and set it up
  • Outsourcing: Exploring resources and identifying your first outsourceable task

or…Custom-Built Sessions for Whatever’s Got You Stuck

Sometimes, we have a specific set of tasks that we know would help us take a leap forward…but they don’t fit any of the above categories. Let’s design a session that perfectly fits what you’d like to learn.

Write to me for more ideas or to have a conversation about this >>

About Me

I’m Margaret Rode, and for more than 20 years I’ve been a consultant, coach, and tech sherpa serving thoughtful solo entrepreneurs, small businesses, and nonprofits.

I offer this training for a very selfish reason: I fell in love with the concept of joyful productivity after it completely changed my own business. The extra time, calm, and life balance it’s created (and continues to create) enable me to serve more people, work with compassion, and grow my business in beautiful ways. If I can help even one other person do this happy dance with me, I consider that an awesome day.

I’ve personally taken the training twice, and will probably take it each time it’s offered, as the material is always evolving. I’ve also been part of George Kao’s MasterHeart coaching and mastermind group , where we discuss and share many of these strategies to help one another thrive — I highly recommend it.

What do these sessions cost, and how can I book mine?

Each hour-long private session costs just $75.00.

(And it will pay for itself many, many times over.)

You can take one, take them all, repeat sessions to set up more tools and systems, or create a custom session that checks off exactly what you need to learn right now.

Joyful productivity strategies can help you grow the peaceful, purposeful, and profitable work you’ve always wanted. Treat yourself and your business to the gift of organization, extra time, a quiet mind, and life balance.